Andy Griffith’s Widow to Demolish Late Actor’s Home

Cindy Griffith, the widow of late actor Andy Griffith, has recently obtained a permit to demolish the house where he lived for many years on the North Carolina waterfront. This decision has upset many of the actor’s friends and fans, who had hoped the house would be preserved as a museum or Graceland-type estate.


As if being shamefully forgotten by the In Memoriam segment during the Oscars wasn’t enough, Andy Griffith’s widow intends to raze the house he bought in the 50s less than one year after the actor passed away.

Griffith’s wife obtained the demolition permit in March, according to Dare County records. County officials and friends confirmed that the permit is to raze a smaller house along the Roanoke Sound that the actor bought in the 1950s, not the larger house that he and Cindi built nearby several years ago.


William Ivey Long, the Tony Award-winning costume designer whose parents were friends with Andy Griffith and his first wife, Barbara, said the actor told him in 2007 that he wanted to preserve the older home as a museum. The two talked about this option when Long held an exhibit of his costumes at the Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington.

We compared notes. I had to fit mine into an existing museum. I told him, if you’re doing yours, you can make it however you want it”, said Long in a phone interview from his studio in New York City.

Griffith, who died last July, wanted the museum to include items from his TV shows, along with memorabilia from his music career, added Long. He also said that the two didn’t discuss whether it would compete with the Andy Griffith Museum in the actor’s hometown of Mount Airy.


Cindy Griffith didn’t return messages after this news went public. Her late husband’s will doesn’t mention a museum or the property. The will – dated May 3, 2012, two months before Andy passed away – turns over most of his property and estate to the trustee of a trust, whose records aren’t public. The attorney for the will refused to comment on the subject.

The demolition contractor, Calvin Gibbs, also didn’t return a call. It wasn’t clear whether the demolition had begun or not, though.

Della Basnight of Manteo, whose family was friends with Griffith since she was a child, said she understood that Cindi Griffith had the right to do whatever she wanted with the property. However, regarding the demolition, Basnight said: “When he gave her the power to do anything, I don’t think he thought she would want to do that“.


She also said that Andy Griffith bought the house the first time he had any real money and raised his two children there. “I had really sort of always thought it would be secured. I always thought it would remain”, said Basnight.

WFMY to Move The Andy Griffith Show

WFMY CBS-2 has recently announced that The Andy Griffith Show will be moved from its longtime home at 5:30 pm. This decision has upset many fans of the late actor the the gang in the TV show.


On March 25, the station announced on Facebook that staring April 25, the 5:30 pm broadcasts of the sitcom will be moved to show 2 Wants to Know, a new half-hour, local news, consumer advice program. By March 27, close to 200 comments had been posted by viewers, the majority of them protesting the decision.

WFMY will continue to show reruns of The Andy Griffith Show at 3:00 pm and 3:30 pm. However, many of the sitcom’s fans complained that they had grown accustomed to watching it when they got home from work and were preparing dinner, as they said in their comments.

The series has been on WFMY since it first started airing in the 1960s and has gained numerous fans of all ages throughout the years. It has been in the 5:30 timeslot in reruns for much of that time, proof that people still enjoy watching Andy, Barney and the gang nowadays.

More details about the 2 Wants to Know program will be made public closer to the premiere date. After shamefully being left out the “In Memoriam” section at the Oscars, now this? No wonder fans of the late actor are so upset.

Andy Griffith – Shamefully Forgotten at the Oscars

Oscar night was a great night for Jennifer Lawrence, Ben Affleck, and Daniel Day-Lewis, who each went home with a trophy. For viewers, though, Oscar night was a mixed bag. Besides the ceremony being long and uneven, the awards show was puzzling in many respects.

One of the blunders that left the Dolby Theater mesmerized was the fact that the prestigious actor Andy Griffith was left out of the “In Memoriam” segment. While it us true that Griffith, who died in July 2012, is best known for his TV roles, the actor also starred in feature films, such as Waitress, Hearts of the West, Rustlers Rhapsody, and many others.


It is hard to imagine how the Oscar cast neglected to mention the late great actor among the stars who died in the past year. One may say that it is typical of Oscar’s short memory that the evening’s organizers apparently forgot that Andy was actually a first-tier movie star who made the move the television, playing Sheriff Andy Taylor in The Andy Griffith Show, starting in 1960.

However, Andy Griffith is not the only one who has been conveniently left off. Larry Hagman, who starred in movies including Nixon, Fail-Safe, and Primary Colors didn’t make the cut either. Nor did Conrad Bain, Phyllis Diller and Sherman Hemsley. Fans of Whitney Houston need not complain, though, as the singer/actress who died just weeks before the 2012 Oscars did not miss from last year’s “In Memoriam” segment.


Even though Andy Griffith received little love from the Oscars, as the producers decided to leave him off the list of actors honored in the yearly obituary reel, the actor is still loved in other parts of the country. For instance, the NBC affiliate in Cleveland decided to cancel its prime-time lineup on Thursday night.


Instead, they put on a two-hour episode of Mr. Griffith’s show Matlock, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The president and general manager of the station, Brooke Spectorsky, said: “We thought it would be a nice tribute”.

Good for you, Cleveland! Shame on you, Oscars!