Andy Griffith Early life
He wa borns in 1st June 1926 in Mount Airy, North Carolina. He is the only son of Geneva and Carl Lee Griffith. Basically, he was raised in a poor family because his parents could not afford a decent home of their own. In his early childhood, Andy had to sleep in drawers in the relative’s house where he was living. It was until his father started to work as a carpenter that he was able to purchase a cottage for his family. His early life was not a simple one.

His education
He was a student in Mount Airy High School where he cultivated an interest in arts and participated in school drama. He then joined a college to be a Moravian preacher although he did not get through because he switched to music and that is where he discovered that music was what he was supposed to do in his life. He joined University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and graduated with a bachelor of music degree. He was offered an opportunity to teach English where he taught for few years at Goldsboro High school on Goldsboro. That is when he also began to write

Career information
Being that he had so many talents at once, what he ventured in first was being a monologist and delivered long stories which at times he tried to figure out what was involved in certain phenomenon. Other than being a monologist, Andy Griffith was also an actor. He starred in an-hour teleplay, No Time for Sergeants and from where he expanded his career in a full length theatrical version of the same name.

His rising
When he starred, No time for sergeants, an hour teleplay, his wingspan began to broaden and he was about to rise as high and fly as far as he wanted provided he had the will and desire to do so. In early 60’s, he started his own show which went by the name Sheriff Andy Taylor. It was an immediate hit albeit he did not receive a written credit for it.

Singing and recording
For sure, Griffith had talents. He sang as part of his acting roles. This was especially in A Face in the Crowd. He is also known for his written comic monologues in 1950’s. He majored mostly in gospel music.

Marriage life
In 29th August 1949, Griffith married Barbara Edwards at which they adopted a son, Andrew Samuel Jr. They however divorced in 1972. Their their adopted sun died in 1996 due to alcoholism. In 1975, Griffith was married again to Solica Cassuto and again divorced in 1981. He is recently married to Cindi Knight. He is a great man who has gone through a lot.