Andy Griffith Show Trivia

Many people enjoy doing trivia games and taking quizzes online to see just how much they know about certain characters in televisions shows and movies. The Andy Griffith show is no different. There are a lot of different facts regarding this show and questions that you will have fun answering, such as which actors play certain characters, such as Ron Howard starring as the Andy’s son. There are plenty of people who enjoy answering these questions as well as studying certain trivia related to the show.

There are many episodes in the Andy Griffith Show and it goes back a long ways, referred to as one of the all-time classics of television. It will forever go down in history as being a prime example of wholesome family entertainment, back in the black-and-white era of television. Some of the different characters on this show include Gomer Pyle and Barney Fife, played by actor Don Knots.

Some of the most famous and classic actors/directors were involved with this show, and there are many pieces of trivia to answer, so find out what your score will be by challenging yourself online today. There are a number of websites set up to ask questions regarding various classic TV shows, so you will be able to answer each one and get your score at the end. There are also trivia board/card games you can purchase from the store for the same purpose. Whether it is a specific question about a certain episode or a character, you will be able to put your knowledge to the test.