Andy Griffith Show Cast

The Andy Griffith Show started in 1960 and went strong for eight years until it was cut basically because of changing trends in programing and viewers choice. Andy himself was only one person who kept this show going together with a cast and crew of dozens. You could imagine the producers, directors, stage hands, camera men and many other crew members who were needed to keep a show like this going for so long. Over the years there were many challenges and well as changes to this crew, one rumored reason being that Andy was no picnic to work with or for because of his passion for getting everything perfect.

Bob Sweeney is one of the big names that stood by Andy Griffith for 80 of his Andy Griffith Show episodes. In the 1960s through to the 1990s Bob was also part of many other adventures in television including being the director for the Matlock series, Fantasy Island, Dynasty, The Love Boat, Private Benjamin, Hawaii Five 0, Hogans Heroes and many others. Not only was Bob a big name as a director but he could also produce great TV shows and movies.

Lee Phillips is one other helper in the Andy Griffith Show who was a co-director or over 60 episodes. Apart from working with Andy he also had a long line up of shows in which he helped to direct and was also a great actor. The names and helpers for the Andy Griffith Show could go on for pages which tells us that even back in the 1960s when life was meant to be more simple, there were plenty of people helping out to make the shows which we all enjoyed.