Andy Griffith Biography

At the mature age of 84 years old we see that Andy Griffith is still going strong and doing his part for the people of America. Even though there has been some controversy about his involvement with the Obama campaign his fans still trust and love him and even the anti Obama fans have forgiven his involvement with this government and new policies. Andy Griffith was born in 1926 making him a very well known actor after all the years he spent in TV. At the age of 84 years old he still is able to pull in the crowds for rallies and other events.

Public speaking about the politics of government spending and the lowering conditions of the retirement status has kept Andy Griffith a popular figurehead in this struggling America. Favoring the Democratic Party, Andy Griffith has come on board with many of the decisions that the democratic part has to offer the people.

Famous for his first movie role entitled A Face in the Crowd, 1957, this movie was a screenplay written by Budd Schulberg about a traveler who gets caught up in a smaller town. Angel in my Pocket was another movie that once again proved Andy Griffith acting ability. This movie screened in 1969 towards the end of the flower power age in which many mellow hippies took offence to the right wing political views of this movie genera. In 2009 he played his latest role in the movies with a role in the movie, Play the Game.

Andy Griffith is most famous for his own TV show called the Andy Griffith show that ran for eight years starting in 1960. Andy played another role in the famous Matlock series that won his place in many people’s hearts for such an interesting role. The Matlock series ran for nine years and was very popular with the elderly generation because Andy Griffith was approaching his twilight years.