Andy Griffith is a great comedian

Andy Samuel Griffith was born in Mount Airy, North Carolina on June 1st 1926. Andy was the only child of Geneva and Carl Lee Griffith. From a young age Andy lived with relatives while his parents saved for their own home. Andy slept in drawers for some months. In 1929 when Andy was three years old, his father purchased a home in Mount Airy. Carl Griffith took a job working as a carpenter and could afford to buy a home in the working class area of town. Andy knew that his family lived in the poorer side of town.

Andy and his mother enjoyed listening to music as he grew up and his father gave him the wonderful gift of a sense of humor. He was a shy student but was able to entertain his fellow students and found a comfortable place in the school society. While attending the Mount Airy School Andy became involved in the drama program. He loved swing and music would change his life. A Minister, Ed Mickey taught Andy how to play the trombone. He continued to nurture the talented Andy and when Andy left school he was offered a role in the Lost Colony. Andy took on many different roles including the lead role of Sir Walter Raleigh. Andy’s first College major was Moravian preacher, but he changed his major to music. After switching majors Andy joined the college’s Carolina Play Makers.

Andy Griffith is an American actor, director and producer. He is a Grammy Award winning Southern Gospel singer and writer. Andy had some movie roles but he became well known playing the lead characters in the situation comedy The Andy Griffith Show. During the 1980’s and 1990’s he played the lead in Matlock.