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Andy Griffith first started his career as a monologist. He gave us such stories as What it Was, Was Football. This was the story of a backwoodsman trying to figure out what was going on in a game of football. The single was released in 1953 and the monologue was a big success for Andy, it reached the number nine position on the United States of America charts in 1954.

Andy Griffith then went on to star in a one hour teleplay of No Time for Sergeants in March 1955. This was the story of a country boy in the United States of America Air Force. Andy went on to star in The United States Steel Hour, a television anthology series. He was able to expand that role in a theatrical version on Broadway in New York. Andy was also in the 1957 musical Destry Rides Again, which ran on Broadway for more than a year.

Andy made a film version of No Time for Sergeants in 1958. The film also featured comedian Don Knotts. This was the beginning of a lifelong association between the two comedians. No Time for Sergeants has been directly linked as the inspiration for the famous American situation comedy Gomer Pyle USMC.

A Face in the Crowd was a film that Andy starred in during 1957. He played a manipulative and power hungry country boy, a drifter who then becomes a television host and uses his show to gain political power. This now classic movie is a powerful showcase of Andy Griffith’s talents as a dramatic actor and as a singer. Andy co-starred with Walter Matthau and Lee Remick in her film debut. It is believed that this film became far more popular and respected in more recent times than when it was originally released.

Andy Griffith had small roles on television before taking on The Andy Griffith Show in 1960. The Andy Griffith Show ran from 1960 to 1968. Andy played the role of Sheriff Andy Taylor on the CBS television network on his show. The show took place in the fictional town of Mayberry supposedly in the state of North Carolina. The character of Sheriff Andy Taylor was a widower and the towns’ wise man. From 1960 to 1965 Don Knotts played the role of Deputy Barney Fife, the best friend and partner of the Sheriff. Fife was also the cousin to Andy Taylor on the show. Ron Howard played Andy Taylors only child Opie Taylor. The show was a huge success. Don Knotts won multiple Emmy Awards for his comedic performances. Andy Griffith also worked on every script for the series; he was never awarded a nomination for any of his work on the show. In 1967 Andy decided to quit the show, even though it still had one more year’s contract to CBS. The show continued as Mayberry RFD. Ken Berry played a widowed farmer and many of the regular characters returned either as regulars and some as guests. Andy stayed on as executive producer, coming in to review scripts and give comedic input. He also guest starred in five episodes including the pilot where his character marries. Andy made a final appearance as Andy Taylor in the reunion television film Return to Mayberry. He also appeared in two reunion specials in 1993 and in 2003.

Andy Griffith In Play the Game

Play the Game is a popular romantic comedy film. The film stars Andy Griffith, Paul Campbell, but also Liz Sheridan, Marla Sokoloff and Doris Roberts. Play the Game was written and directed by Marc Fienberg. Actually, this was the last movie in which Andy Griffith starred, before his death in July 3, 2012.

Play the Game is an appreciated comedy which tells the story of a young ladies’s man. David is a guy who can easily get any lady he wants. Still, he is trying to win over Julie, who he says to be the woman of his dreams. While David is on his way to conquer Julie, his Grandfather learns how to get back out there, in the dating game. Soon, the Grandpa will become a Don Juan in the retirement community.

By the end of the movie you will see that roles change and Grandpa is the one who has to teach David how to win back the love of his life. On the way, both David and Joe, his grandfather, will find love. The story is great and the action is really interesting. The role of Grandpa Joe is naturally played by Andy Griffith, who achieved a great performance. With this part, the actor once again proved that he can achieve great performances in all kind of movies.

Andy Griffith: A Face in the Crowd

A Face in the Crowd is one of the most famous movies in which Andy Griffith has ever starred. The movie was released in 1957. Cast included Patricia Neal, Walter Matthau, Lee Remick and Anthony Franciosa, too. A Face in the Crowd was directed by Elia Kazan.

Andy Griffith’s performance is this movie is absolutely impressive. He plays the role of Larry Rhodes, who is plucked out of jail. He is set to sing on a radio show, impressing with his voice, but also with his personal charm. Larry seems to be so talented that he actually lands on the stage of a television show.

Larry becomes so popular and has so many fans that soon he receives his own show in New York City. However, success and popularity cannot last for the new star, as it seems impossible for him to stay away of scandals. At a certain point in the movie a woman will actually claim to be his legal wife, even though Larry seem to be unaware of that.

By the end of the movie, Larry Rhodes will return to jail. The movie is quite interesting and Andy’s role is amazing. Actually, this story has real-life inspirations. It seems that Larry Rhodes character has actually been inspired by radio star Arthur Godfrey, who achieved fame in the 1940s.

A Face in the Crowd was well received by critics and fans. The movie is still popular, even though there have passed more than 50 years since the moment when it was first released.

The Life Of Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith will always remain one of the best and most appreciated actors in the world. Well known for his numerous projects, Andy Griffith left behind a legacy that cannot be forgotten. Below you can read a series of interesting facts about Andy Griffith, his career and his life.


  • The star’s full name is Andrew Samuel Griffith.
  • He was born in June 1, 1926, in Mount Airy, North California.
  • The star made his acting debut with a role in The Ed Sullivan Show. The show aired in 1954.
  • Andy Griffith began his career in Hollywood with a dramatic role. Back then he starred in A Face in the Crowd, movie which has surely made him a star.
  • His first award nomination came in 1956 when Andy was nominated for a Tony Award for Supporting Actor thanks to his amazing role in No Time for Sergeants.
  • His second Tony Award nomination came in 1959, this time Andy receiving a nomination for Best Actor for his role in Destry Rides Again.
  • In 1972 Andy Griffith decided to launch his own production company, Andy Griffith Enterprises.
  • In 1987, Andy won the People’s Choice Award for his role in Matlock.
  • Even though he starred in two of the most successful shows in the history of television, Andy Griffith has never won an Emmy. He received no Emmy nominations for his amazing work in The Andy Griffith Show and Matlock.
  • One of the longest and most appreciated roles in his career surely is the part in The Andy Griffith Show. The series aired between 1960 and 1968 during which Andy Griffith interpreted the role of Sheriff Andy Taylor. The show is based in the star’s hometown.
  • The last TV role Andy Griffith had was in a teen soap. He starred in Dawson’s Creek back in 2001.
  • Andy Griffith also is one of the most popular children’s authors in the world. His books have millions of fans.
  • Some of his publications include titles such as Christmas Guest, Bound for the Promised Land and Andy Griffith: I Love to Tell the Story, among many others.
  • The actor has been married third times. His first wife was Barbara Edwards. The two wedded in 1949, but divorced in 1972. In 1973 Andy married Solica Cassuto, but this marriage also ended in divorce about 8 years later, in 1971. His last wife is Cindi Griffith, whom he married in 1983. The couple remained together until the death of the famous actor.
  • Andy had two children, Andrew Samuel Jr. and Divie Nan. They were both adopted by the actor with Barbara Edwards.
  • Health problems began for Andy Griffith in 1983, when the star was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome. He was partially paralyzed, but he managed to recover after therapy.
  • In 2000, Andy Griffith suffered a heart attack. He underwent quadruple bypass surgery, but fortunately for the star he managed to survive this serious health issue, too.
  • In 2005, Andy received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in recognition for his amazingly successful career.
  • The next year, Andy had to sue a man who changed his name to Andy Griffith. This took place just before the man run for sheriff, a position he did not win.
  • In 2010, The Andy Griffith Show Museum opened in Mount Airy, in North Carolina.


It is well known that throughout the years Andy has starred in a wide range of movies. Some of the most famous ones include No Time for Sergeants, The Second Time Around, Strangers in 7A, Winter Kill, Washington: Behind Closed Doors, The Girl in the Empty Grave, Murder in Texas, For Lovers Only, Crime of Innocence, The Demon Murder Case, Matlock: The Vacation, The Gift of Love, but also Daddy and Them, Waitress, Christmas is Here Again and Play the Game. Naturally, there are numerous other movies in which Andy was cast during his long running acting career. He remains an important example of talent and hard work, in all his movies Andy Griffith achieving impressive performances.